The English e-corner - Season 3

This year we have an interesting project where we are teaching about Hans Christian Andersen, Roald Dhal and Gloria Fuertes. This first term we are working about Andersen and if you click in our library link you will find all of them. Have look!!

We have a delicious too with a tag called Andersen. There you can find pages to help in your lesson plans

You can have a look to my english delicious with suggestions for you English class

Finally, the teachers of English from my school are working in one on-line magazine called keep it up! where you are invited to participate too.

All the links are available in our school web page

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Yuri Zhivago said...

Me alegro mucho Rosa de que hayas activado de nuevo el Blog y lo hayas hecho con cuentos de Andersen ,casualmente hace unos días un libro de cuentos de este autor paseó en mi mochila por el centro de Madrid pero esa es otra historia.
Un abrazo.