Tuesday, 6th June
Today has been a busy day. So many things to do, so many things to see. At 9 a.m. we had an appoinment with the General Director of Education from our Autonomous Community. We were talking about our project and the importance of the European Dimension in Education. Around 11 am we arrived to Entrena School for a visit and a coffee break. After this visit we went to Sorzano school and we had a good time there. We visited the school and the mechanical Nativity Scene. We went for a walk to the small church. Parents cooked for us a wonderful lunch at Annie´s bar and kassia and Magda danced and sang polish folklore. José Mª - Responsible for International Programmes in La Rioja - was with us at lunch time and we had time to talk all together. In the afternoon we had some workshops at Nalda school. Children were really happy with their guests!! At 5 pm PANAL - a local association for the upkeep of Nalda heritage - organized for us a visit to the most important places in the village. Andreas, one of the members, was really kind and he gave us a clear and clever explanation about the main architectural masterpieces and the village history. In the evening parents association gave us a wonderful dinner to close the day. At last Annia has found partners to go out for a drink and a dance, and surely, she will be having a good time and she will enjoy Logroño by night.

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